2016 1st and 2nd place City League Champs

2016 State Chess Champs

2016 National Chess Championships

The Stuart Hall Chess Program is an after-school program focused on enhancing the chess knowledge of its members and preparing them for tournament play. The program is offered to students in the First Grade and continues until Seventh Grade. Boys who participate in SH Chess attend practice once per week after school, which consists of lessons from the coach, in addition to practice games against each other. Members of the SH Chess who wish to participate as part of the Chess Team have the opportunity to play against other schools in scholastic tournaments throughout the school year.

The Stuart Hall Chess Team has had many successes at the local, regional, and national stage. The Chess Team has won numerous titles, both individual and team, at the City and State level and their Fourth Graders even won a National Title in 2010, the first National Title to come to a chess team from Louisiana since 2002.