Lunch Program

Fresh lunch will be prepared daily in our kitchen by the team from Pigeon Caterers. For one fixed price, your son can select whatever he desires from any or all of the daily offerings, to include seconds. The boys will be offered a hot meal, sandwich, and salad bar each day.

We ask that all parents submit lunch deposits in advance. We recommend a minimum deposit of $50. Any unused deposits will carry forward from year to year or be refunded when the student completes his Stuart Hall career. After the initial lunch deposit in August, payments can be made online throughout the year, and charges will be updated daily. All transactions will be handled by the Stuart Hall School for Boys, and any checks should be made payable to Stuart Hall School. Online payments can be made through MyKidsSpending. By setting up an account through MyKidsSpending, you will be able to view your son's daily lunch purchases.

Lunch Prices

Prices are for all you can eat, including unlimited choices and beverages. Prices shown in table below include 2% state sales tax.

The following table is offered as a guide for online deposits prior to August 17:

Preschool Lower School Middle School
Price Per Day, including sales tax $5.20 $6.27 $6.53
Full year (must pay by August 17) $785.40 $948.60 $999.60
Deposit for 30 lunches $156 $189 $196
Deposit for 10 lunches $52 $63 $66
Beverage only, per day $1.53 $1.53 $1.53

Full-year plan must be paid in one lump sum by August 17. There will be no refunds for missed lunches under the full-year plan. If your lunch balance becomes negative, Stuart Hall reserves the right to charge late fees and interest consistent with school policy, and stop serving lunch to your son after reasonable notice has been emailed to his parent.  Please refer all other billing questions to