First Grade

“Gray shirts” transition to “blue shirts” in First Grade.

The First Grade program includes field trips, parent involvement, and VIP/Star Students, which helps to develop poise and a stronger sense of self-worth through speaking in front of the class. Learners also experience technology through iPads, SMARTBoards, and weekly access to the computer lab.

Language Arts

The First Grade language arts program is a balanced literacy curriculum, which provides opportunities for students to be more effective speakers, readers, and writers. Through 6+1Traits of Writing, the Daily Five mini-lessons, and differentiated reading and writing instruction, learners are ensured a well-rounded education. Learners listen to stories, poems, and other read alouds and re-tell and perform stories through Readers’ Theatre. The Primary Spelling by Patterns series uses explicit and systematic lessons to teach fundamental patterns in written words. Learners discover spelling patterns with games, songs, rhymes, and dictations. The Handwriting Without Tears program is evidence-based and provides a hands-on approach to print handwriting.  


The math program, enVision Math, uses manipulatives, activities and games, problem-solving strategies, and enrichment with these four components: Basic Facts and Skills, More Practice, Problem Solving, and Ongoing Test Prep.

Social Studies

Social studies is a combination of history, people, and places units and geography skills-based practices. Weekly news magazines keep learners up to date with current events.


Science instruction uses the Foss Kits, a hands-on science series of life science, earth science, and physical science experiments and activities. 

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