Gentleman's Etiquette Hour

Instructor: Ryan Asprion
1st-4th Grade

Students will walk away from Gentleman’s Etiquette Hour with a new approach to their developing social skills. Students will be given materials to bring home each week for parents to help reinforce what we’ve learned.

Repeat students are welcome! But the course material will be similar.

Week 1 (Oct. 30) - Social Etiquette

  • Further define the meaning of being kind, courteous, responsible and respectable gentleman.
  • What is integrity?
  • The proper way to shake hands while looking someone in the eye.
  • The Essential 7:  “Yes, Ma’am/Sir” “No, Ma’am/Sir” “Thank you” “No, Thank you” “Please” “May I” “Excuse Me”

Week 2 (November 13) - Online Etiquette

  • What types of materials are appropriate for online sharing
  • Examples (age appropriate) of how information posted on social media has changed some of their peer’s lives forever.

Week 3 (November 20) - Dining Etiquette for Thanksgiving!

  • How to set a basic table setting.
  • Pulling out a chair for elders and company before seating yourself.
  • General topics to begin conversations when dining with new friends.
  • How to properly hold and use a cutting knife and fork (using plastic silverware and marshmallows and hostess cakes!)

Week 4 (November 27) - How to tie a Necktie

  • Students will be supplied with a junior sized skinny tie of their color choice. Color selections will be made in the first class.
  • We will learn how to tie and also get instructional material on a variety of tying styles.