Charleston Gift Wrap Sale

Charleston Wrap (1).jpg

The annual Gift Wrap Sale kicks off this week and will run through September 22. This year, the Parents' Club will be selling high-quality gift wrap and gift items for the home through Charleston Wrap and Poinsettias from Perino's Garden Center. This fundraiser is one of the most significant funding sources for our Parents' Club. We hope you will participate in the fundraiser and support our school. More details are included in your son's Childpost envelope today. For questions on the Gift Wrap Drive or if you would like to assist on this fundraising committee, please contact Meredith Balart (Truitt '20) or Patrice Mills (John Thomas '20). 

Incentives for gift wrap:

  • Free dress to each class that has a total of 75% sell at least one item.  
  • Pizza party to one class in each division, who sells the most ($ amount).
  • Each boy who sells at least one item will receive a rubber pig and the boy who sells the most ($ amount) in each division will receive a battery operated pig.