Lower School Newspaper

Word Art for Knight News.jpg

The Knightly News is a newspaper that the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grade boys in Lower School have made to conclude the First Trimester. It highlights events that happened in Lower School during the First Trimester and includes upcoming events. The boys gathered all the information and decided  what they would like to be placed in the newspaper. Each grade had different parts assigned to them. The First Graders created birthday cakes in Google Drawing, Second Graders researched the 2017 Eclipse, Third Graders gathered information on the hurricanes, 5-day forecast, and books, and Fourth Graders found inspirational quotes for going into the Second Trimester, researched upcoming events, and gathered information on the chess team and sports at Stuart Hall. View the newspaper here.

Tinker Lab

We are excited to introduce the Stuart Hall Tinker Lab this school year. The Tinker Lab will serve as a maker’s space for our youngest learners to problem solve, innovate, wonder, and tinker with various materials and the world around them. The lab supports our METALS curriculum, and will include discovery activities in the disciplines of Math, Engineering, Technology, Art, Logic, and Science. Each week, boys in grades PK3-3rd will be presented with tasks or challenges to complete in the lab that are directly connected to current themes and curricula. The lab is equipped with child-sized tools, nails, screws, bolts, pegs, and more. Additionally, the lab houses amenities that include a drafting table, magnetic wall, light discovery table, a cozy think-tank space, art supplies and media, and a Lego wall just to name a few. We are looking forward to seeing our boys grow and challenge themselves in this fun and exciting environment!

A New Tradition: Preschool Chapel

On Wednesday, Sept. 7, we hosted our first Preschool Chapel. It was a special time where the boys recited the Pledge of Allegiance as a Preschool, discussed our Quality of the Month, Friendship, and prayed together for friends and family. Mrs. Stephanie introduced us to a special friend of Jesus, Mother Teresa, and touched on her canonization, as well as the ways she spread God's love. We sang a song about friendship and charged the boys to be inclusive, caring friends. We left with our hearts full of joy, excited to continue this new tradition each Wednesday throughout the school year.