Stuart Hall Donates Christmas Gifts to 300 Children

Through their generous hearts, the families of Stuart Hall will help make Christmas brighter for local children and their families. Students in Grades PK3-7, as well as our faculty and staff, bought gifts for families affiliated with Incarnate Word Head Start through Catholic Charities and Louisiana's Permanent Supportive Housing. More than 300 gifts were presented at a special Christmas Gift Drive Chapel yesterday. We thank our S/H community for their generosity and for keeping the Christmas spirit alive, thus sharing joy and building hope.

S/H Wins Academic Games Tournament


Congratulations to the S/H Middle School Academic Games team for finishing 1st Place overall in the Academy of Our Lady Academic Games on Saturday, Dec. 1. Team members included 5th Graders Nicolas Aldana, Charlie Benoit and Harrison Turner; 6th Graders Luke Balhoff, John Baumgarten, Ryan Kane, Connor LaCour, Sean Maher, and Mack Thomas; and 7th Graders Parker Alig, Mason Becker, Walker Brown, John Calhoun, Degan Dansereau, Will Gibbens, Quinn Rosenstein, Charlie Varisco,  and PJ Varisco.

This is the fifth consecutive year that our Middle School Academic Games Team has brought home the 1st place trophy from AOL’s Games and our sixth 1st place finish since our first year competing in 2011.

Our team members received medals in 18 of the 19 events.

Ist Place in the following events:

  • Anatomy and Physiology - Connor LaCour '20 and Mack Thomas '20

  • SI Units - John Baumgarten '20 and Mason Becker '19

  • Solve for X - Nicolas Aldana '21 and Charlie Varisco '19

  • Botany - Ryan Kane '20 and PJ Varisco '19

  • Geography - Will Gibbens '19 and Charlie Varisco '19

  • Literary Devices - Mason Becker '19 and John Calhoun '19

  • Pentathlon - Parker Alig '19, Will Gibbens '19, Quinn Rosenstein '19, Charlie Varisco '19, and PJ Varisco '19

2nd Place in the following events:

  • Spelling - Parker Alig '19 and Harrison Turner '21

  • Graph It - John Calhoun '19 and Quinn Rosenstein '19

  • World Wars - Luke Balhoff '20 and Sean Maher '20

  • Draw It Out - Parker Alig '19, Quinn Rosenstein '19, and Walker Brown '19

  • Grammar Patrol - Charlie Benoit '21 and Degan Dansereau '19

  • Science Lab - Connor LaCour '20 and Mack Thomas '20

  • Fractionator - Luke Balhoff '20 and Ryan Kane '20

3rd Place in the following events:

  • Geometry - Mason Becker '19 and Degan Dansereau '19

  • Mythology - PJ Varisco '19 and Will Gibbens '19

  • Math Speed Test - John Baumgarten '20 and Sean Maher '20

  • Reading Comprehension - Charlie Benoit '21 and Harrison Turner '21

Congratulations, Knights!

S/H Takes 1st Place in Thanksgiving Classic Scholastic Chess Tournamnet


On Saturday, November 17th, Stuart Hall hosted The Thanksgiving Classic Rated Scholastic Chess tournament. Ninety players competed in 3 sections, (K3, K6, K12), in a very competitive field. 

In the K3 section, Stuart Hall stormed 1st place with 12.5 points (the best 4 scores per team were counted for a team score), besting rival Lusher by 4 points (8.5 points, 2nd place). Individually, The Stuart Hall Knights had a fantastic day. Race Hughes '23 earned 2nd place with 3.5 out of 4 points, combined with strong showings from Austin Janusa '23 (4th place), Mike Graugnard '23 (5th place), Parker Rooney '24 (6th place), Patrick Avin '23 (7th place), Eli Weber '24 (10th place), Grayson Bent '23 (16th place), Tate Parrish '23 (19th place), Eli Simmons '24 (22nd place), and Chris Jennings '23 (23rd place) to dominate the K3 section of the tournament, which augers well for upcoming City League competition starting in January.

In the very competitive and stacked K6 section, Stuart Hall won 1st place with 11 points, beating out Lusher (2nd, 10.5 points), Lycée Franςais (3rd, 10.5), and Newman (4th,10.0 points). Individually, Charlie Avin '22 won all his games, tying for 1st place, but earning 2nd on tie breaks. Coming in 3rd was John Michael Maristany '22 with 3.5 out of 4 points. Ryan Avin '21 came in 16th place with 2 out of 4 points. Declan Albro '22 earned 28th place with 1.5 points, and Grady Miles '22 earned 32nd place with 1.5 points.

This was a very strong performance by both our older veterans and our younger upcoming players, and our Knights played with great individual poise and infectious synergy with each other as teammates. Congratulations, Knights!

S/H Donates 22 Thanksgiving Baskets

The men of Stuart Hall donated items to fill 22 Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. The baskets, which included a turkey along with other items essential to a complete Thanksgiving feast, will be delivered to Incarnate Word's Head Start Program, Mater Dolorosa, our Carrollton Avenue neighborhood fire department, two Team Gleason families, and special members in our S/H community. Thank you to our 5th grade class for leading our Thanksgiving Basket Drive and Prayer Service and to our S/H families for your generosity in ensuring that more families will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year.

5th & 6th Grade NOAL Flag Football Champs

Congratulations to our 6th grade and two 5th grade flag football teams on their NOAL championship wins last week!

Parenting in the Digital Age

Screen Time Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Parenting in the Digital Age is not easy! For all the benefits that technology brings us, we are also faced with the challenge as parents to monitor and regulate our children’s use of digital media and set parameters on screen time.

With the increasing popularity of games like Fortnite, we are also called to redouble our efforts and stay abreast of current research and recommendations for young children and their media use.

For example, it has come to our attention that boys as young as our first graders are familiar with the game, Fortnite, and several have played it. However, Common Sense Media recommends Fortnite for teens 13 and up, primarily because of the open chat and action violence. It is also rated T for Teen by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), meaning content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up and may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Fortnite is just one popular example of current trends in online gaming. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some general resources on good media habits and screen time.

Good Media Habits from Common Sense Media

When it comes to media and technology, kids really learn what they live. Here are some strategies for helping your whole family develop healthy media habits.

Set limits. Establish media-free zones and weekly screen-time amounts. Aim for a balance of activities throughout the week: reading, playing, exploring, and so on.

Choose age-appropriate, high-quality media. Not everything has to be PBS, but take the time to find stuff that's nourishing.

Co-view and co-play when you can. You won't be able to stop what you're doing every time your kid plays Minecraft, but make an effort to understand -- and even appreciate -- what your kids are doing. Ask questions, get them to explain stuff, and listen with an open mind.

Treat tech as a tool, not a treat. Kids who use tablets or smartphones only to play games see only the entertainment side of technology. Demonstrate the utility of devices, such as how you send email, use a map, and look up facts.

Be a family of media critics. Media-literacy skills help kids think critically about what they watch, play, and interact with. Encourage young kids to think more deeply about their shows, books, and games. Ask "Who made this?", "Who is it for?", and "What is it telling you?"

Be a media role model. Lead by example by putting your own devices away during family time.

Screen Time Guidelines

It’s important to note that most of the negative effects of screen time on children are related to excessive use of electronic devices on a daily basis. For this reason, it’s helpful to know expert’s recommendations for screen time use, which were updated by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) last year. The AAP makes the following recommendations for screen time:

  • For children under 18 months old, screen time should be limited to video chatting

  • Children 18-24 months should only be exposed to high-quality media, with parents watching alongside to help them understand and engage with what they’re watching

  • Children 2-5 years old should be limited to 1 hour per day of high-quality programming; again, parents should watch along with them to help them make real world connections

  • Children 6 years and older should have established and consistent limits on the time spent using media, with parents ensuring that digital media doesn’t take the place of sleep, physical activity or real-life personal interactions

Additional Recommendations for Healthy Media Use

  • Develop a Family Media Use Plan with specific guidelines for each child and parent.

  • Recognize the importance of hands-on, unstructured, and social play to build language, cognitive, and social-emotional skills.

  • Find quality products.

  • No screens during meals and for 1 hour before bedtime.

  • Avoid fast-paced programs (young children do not understand them as well), apps with lots of distracting content, and any violent content.

  • Turn off televisions and other devices when not in use.

  • Avoid using media as the only way to calm your child. Although there are intermittent times (eg, medical procedures, airplane flights) when media is useful as a soothing strategy, there is concern that using media as strategy to calm could lead to problems with limit setting or the inability of children to develop their own emotion regulation. Ask your pediatrician for help if needed.

  • Keep bedrooms, mealtimes, and parent–child playtimes screen free for children and parents. Parents can set a “do not disturb” option on their phones during these times.

The Class of 2020 Artwork Featured at Ochsner

Art created by the Stuart Hall Class of 2020, under the direction of S/H art teacher, Mrs. Kirsten Anderson, is currently on display at Ochsner Medical Center, marking the first time that Ochsner is displaying student artwork in their main display case. The exhibit, which features radial origami paper sculptures made by each student, along with one collaborative piece of art featuring Stuart Hall colors, will be on display on the main campus of Ochsner Medical Center (1514 Jefferson Highway) through October 15

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations.

Radial symmetry is a type of formal balance in which objects radiate around a central point and has more than one line of symmetry.

In developing the artworks displayed, the Class of 2020 were introduced to these three basic origami folds. Later, they were challenged to create a radial design using only these three folds and a color scheme of choice.

Copy of radial origami information.jpg

Thank you to Ms. Lorene Holbrook, grandmother of Gardner Ebrahim '19 and Adley Ebrahim '20, for coordinating the entire exhibit.

Former S/H Knight to Wear No. 18 for LSU


Former S/H Knight Foster Moreau was awarded the traditional No. 18 jersey for LSU this season.

“Foster Moreau is everything you want in an 18,” Jacob Hester tweeted. “He’s fought his way to the top from the day he walked on campus. Great choice for the 2018 season!”

Congratulations, Foster! We are so proud of you. Read the full story here.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018


Please join us in congratulating the Class of 2018!

  • Matthew Baffes: Jesuit High School
  • Emile Bruneau: Jesuit High School
  • John Paul Ciaccio: Jesuit High School
  • Paul Collins: Jesuit High School
  • Jack Cook: Jesuit High School
  • Jack DesRoches: Jesuit High School
  • Charley Fazzio: Jesuit High School
  • Grayson Gallinghouse: Isidore Newman School  
  • Brennan Gauthreaux: Jesuit High School
  • Beau Gibbons: Jesuit High School
  • Connor Gibbs: Jesuit High School
  • William Good: Jesuit High School
  • Austin Guillory: Isidore Newman School
  • Scout Hughes: Jesuit High School
  • Jacob Jackson: Jesuit High School
  • Nicholas Jacobs: Jesuit High School  
  • Alex Jeansonne: Jesuit High School
  • Grayson Joint: Jesuit High School
  • Miles Kavanaugh: Jesuit High School
  • Ryan LaNasa: Jesuit High School
  • Griffin Landry: Jesuit High School
  • Michael Landry: Jesuit High School
  • William Lavie: Jesuit High School
  • Clifton LeBlanc: Jesuit High School
  • Jack Lo: Jesuit High School
  • Killian Lyon: Jesuit High School
  • John Mantooth: Jesuit High School
  • Ben Musgrave: Jesuit High School
  • Andrew Newell: Jesuit High School
  • Vehaan Sabharwal: Jesuit High School
  • Jack Seidell: Jesuit High School
  • Jacob Smith: Jesuit High School
  • Roland Waguespack: Jesuit High School
  • Joshua Washington: Jesuit High School
  • Philip Zazulak: Jesuit High School

Killian Lyon is Awarded Inaugural Benson Leadership Award

Congratulations to Killian Lyon '18 on receiving the inaugural Benson Leadership Award. The Benson Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding Seventh Grade student, who has lived out the mission of Stuart Hall School and demonstrated excellent achievement in student leadership. This honor is bestowed upon a deserving student who best exemplifies leadership, as defined as someone who has given back to his community/contributed to the betterment of his school community and/or city in the likeness of Tom Benson.

Three-peat State Chess Champs 


This past Saturday, April 21, the Stuart Hall Chess Team traveled to Baton Rouge to defend their State Champion Title. The newer K2 team (Patrick Avin '23, Grayson Bent '23, Mike Graugnard '23, Liam Hollard '23, Race Hughes '23, Austin Janusa '23, Parker Rooney '24, August Sauska '23,Dave Vandenweghe '25, and Eli Weber '24) played well and steamrolled their competition to win the K2 State Team title with 16 points to rival Lusher's 10.5 points and TS Cooley's 10.5 points. Individually, Patrick Avin placed 2nd, Mike Graugnard placed 5th, Austin Janusa placed 6th, August Sauska placed 7th, Race Hughes placed 9th, Grayson Bent placed 10th, Parker Rooney placed 13th, Dave Vandenweghe placed 20th, Eli Weber placed 21st, and Liam Hollard  placed 35th. 

The K4 Team, our veteran team (Declan Albro '22, Charlie Avin '22, Ryan Avin '21, CJ Encalarde '22, John Michael Maristany '22, Grady Miles'22, Connor Rooney '22, and Kennon Russo '22) continued their dominance in State chess competition and won their 3rd consecutive titlewith 15.5 points, beating out rivals Lusher (13.5) and Airline Park (13). Individually, Charlie Avin was a perfect 5-0, scoring 5 points to earn hissecond individual state title, this year as Co-Champion. John Michael Maristany earned 10th place, Aidan Hollard placed 11th, Connor Rooney placed 13th, Ryan Avin placed 14th, Grady Miles placed 18th, Kennon Russo placed 22nd, Declan Albro placed 25th, and CJ Encalarde placed 30th.

This was a fantastic, historic year of achievements for this strong team, sweeping K2 and K4 City League to win City League titles three years in a row, and a three-peat at State. Thank you to all Stuart Hall chess players for the great heart that they continue to show! Congratulations on your amazing success, and let your success be a reminder of what hard work, perseverance, and mindful dedication can bring. We thank and commend Coach Jeff York and Assistant Coach Al Pearson for their leadership. Well done, Knights!