Annual Giving Drive - Donate Today!

Why support Annual Giving? There are 343 reasons--our boys! 

Why support Annual Giving? There are 343 reasons--our boys! 

Parents should have received a letter from Board President Michael Hulefeld (David '20 and Thomas '22) and Headmaster Mr. Kevin Avin regarding the 2016-2017 Annual Giving Drive. Under the leadership of Ferdie and Ouida Laudumiey (Ferdie '17), Chairs, and Nicole and Michael Ciaccio (Christopher '16 and John Paul '18), Co-Chairs, we are grateful to the following fathers, who will serve as Class Captains this year:

  • PK3: Ryan Casteix and Jeffrey Pastorek
  • PK4: Eddy Hayes and Mark Holcomb
  • K: Beau Haynes and David Lee Simmons
  • 1st: Andrรฉ Mouledoux '93 and Jimmie Woods
  • 2nd: David Cusimano and David Courcelle
  • 3rd: Stephen Perrien and Blake Puneky
  • 4th: Truitt Balart and Ron Mills
  • 5th: Ed Eastlack and Paul Varisco
  • 6th: Ronald Guillory and Will Lo
  • 7th: George Jackson and Whit Wise

Janet Erskine Stuart, R.S.C.J., said, โ€œThe way to do much in a short time is to love much. People will do great things if they are stirred with enthusiasm and love.โ€ With your enthusiasm and love for Stuart Hall School for Boys, together we are accomplishing great things.

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