Third Grade

Responsibility and organization are the keys to a productive Third Grade academic year. All Third Graders receive instruction from both Third Grade teachers. Language arts is taught by one teacher, while math and science are instructed by the other. Learners receive social studies grades from their respective homeroom teacher. The boys receive textbooks and earn letter grades in all fields of study.

Third Grade traditions include attending field trips, the BFG Day, and memorizing all of the states and capitals, which culminates with USA Day. Learners participate in weekly formal computer instruction, and they are each assigned an individual Chromebook for daily classroom use to assist in research, writing, typing, and study skills practices.

Language Arts

The Third Grade literacy program encourages the learners to develop a love of books and independent reading through the Reading Challenge, the Accelerated Reader Program, and the STAR Assessment. Several class novels are read together, and both fiction and non-fiction genres are emphasized. While reading each novel, learners study the authors, their various writing styles, and their influences. All along, word attack, oral fluency, expression, reading rate, vocabulary, and comprehension skills are practiced. Students learn to write through fiction and non-fiction book reports, journal writing, and writer’s workshop. Students learn to apply grammar into their writing. They practice these skills using IXL, Voyages, and Simple Solutions Langue Arts Programs. After the first trimester, learners are expected to write in cursive. 


The enVision Math program resumes in Third Grade. New skills and concepts are related to real life experiences for the learners. Addition and subtraction of larger numbers, multiplication and division, geometry, fractions, and decimals are the focal topics of the math syllabus. Hands-on activities are incorporated into daily lessons. This program also provides different difficulty levels for each topic. IXL, a computerized math program, reinforces concepts. Simple Solutions is used daily to introduce and review the Third Grade Math standards.

Social Studies

Third Grade social studies focuses on developing nonfiction knowledge and skills in American history, geography, civics, economics, and political science. The course is team-taught by both homeroom teachers. Videos, songs, games, projects, presentations, and map activities introduce and reinforce concepts and vocabulary terms.


Science is a daily subject in Third Grade where each boy engages in interesting group discussions and performs fascinating experiments about life, earth, and physical sciences. Learners explore different scientific tools while learning and conducting the scientific method.