Hurricane Activities for Children

As we prepare to shelter in place in anticipation of Tropical Storm Gordon, it may be helpful to have activities planned throughout the day to help children focus on things outside of the storm to help prevent and distract from storm-related stress. Please click on this link for a great list of activities provided by the LSU Health Sciences Center.

Technology Use

Dear Stuart Hall Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer with family and friends. While our children have more time for fun in the sun and technology, we need to be more vigilant in monitoring our children in the digital world. The ISAS school counselors have a newsletter and technology guidelines that can guide parents through the difficulties of parenting and monitoring our children online.

These documents are a collaborative effort by the ISAS School Counselors of New Orleans. We believe that our families, regardless of school affiliation, live and learn together in our New Orleans community and that safety is our paramount concern for all children.

I have also included several Internet safety tips, as well as a sample cell phone and technology use contract that may be used with your sons.

Remember that cell phones, computers, and video games are a privilege not a right for children.  They must be able to use these items responsibly and respectfully to earn the use of them.


Mike Ruiz
Stuart Hall School Counselor

1st-7th Grade Groups

Your son is welcome to participate in social skills group with Mr. Mike, our school counselor.  The groups take place during lunch recess once a week for about 9 weeks.  Each trimester there are different students participating in group to allow for as many as possible to attend. The purpose of the group is to increase the student's self awareness of themselves and life's challenges. The topics that may be explored are social skills, self-esteem, being attentive, making friends, coping skills, and confidence and team building. The boys engage in fun activities that encourage use of these skills previously mentioned.

The groups will be limited to the first 85 students who sign up and new students get first priority.  Please turn in group permission slips signed by both parents by Thursday, August 29. Please log on as a parent on the school website, click on School Counselor link and then click on Permission Slip for Group. Print out one permission slip for each child and return it signed.

Please view other links that provide helpful information for life's challenges. Please contact me if I can assist you in any manner. 

Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events

"We all struggle to deal thoughtfully with natural disasters and senseless violence. What is a parent to do? How do we explain natural disasters and senseless violence to our children? And how do we manage our own fear and anxiety while we keep fulfilling our responsibility to protect and nurture them?" Click here to read more from Patty Wipfler, founder, program director, and trainer of hand in hand.

Internet Safety

Families, please find below a list of resources for internet and mobile device safety.

ISAS Internet Safety and Technology Recommendations for Families: The counselors and technology departments have collaborated to bring you a list of clear and simple guidelines for safe technology use outside of school. While in school we are continually working on promoting safe use of technology but realize it is not an easy job at home, so we have worked to create this list to help you.