Technology Use

Dear Stuart Hall Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer with family and friends. While our children have more time for fun in the sun and technology, we need to be more vigilant in monitoring our children in the digital world. The ISAS school counselors have a newsletter and technology guidelines that can guide parents through the difficulties of parenting and monitoring our children online.

These documents are a collaborative effort by the ISAS School Counselors of New Orleans. We believe that our families, regardless of school affiliation, live and learn together in our New Orleans community and that safety is our paramount concern for all children.

I have also included several Internet safety tips, as well as a sample cell phone and technology use contract that may be used with your sons.

Remember that cell phones, computers, and video games are a privilege not a right for children.  They must be able to use these items responsibly and respectfully to earn the use of them.


Mike Ruiz
Stuart Hall School Counselor