Engage in Conversation...Science Proves it Stimulates the Brain!

Recently, I attended a professional development seminar where a study was referenced indicating that turn-taking in conversations with children stimulates their brains more than only being “talked to” with enriched vocabulary. Click here for the article and video from MIT News.

Since my background is in speech-language pathology, this study naturally drew my attention as I recalled writing goals and objectives targeting “turn-taking skills” for children with special needs.  Thereafter, my thoughts led me to the amount of ongoing research today surrounding the effects of screen-time on child development, particularly language and social development.

This summer, while in the midst of camps, baseball, vacations, and poolside fun, keep in mind how simple it can be to stimulate your child’s brain by engaging in thoughtful conversation along the way.  Click here for suggestions of screen-free activities that create opportunities for conversations from Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.  Have a great summer!