Lunch FAQs

Q: I purchased the full-year plan for my son and my balance online is zero.  Why can’t I see remaining funds online?
A: Our vendor treats this as a “meal plan” so that neither the payments nor the charges appear online.  They have programmed our system so that your son will not be charged for lunch the entire year.

Q: What if I place a deposit into my son’s account and he doesn’t use it all up?
A: Stuart Hall always carries forward lunch account balances from year to year, and then issues refunds after the conclusion of the student’s Stuart Hall career.

Q: What if my son’s account is negative or zero and he needs to eat lunch?
A: Your son’s well-being is our greatest priority – we will serve him lunch and simply charge his account. You will receive account delinquency notices (via the email you register with MyKidsSpending) until payment is posted.  Only after the account becomes significantly delinquent will Stuart Hall charge interest and late fees.