Book Fair Sept. 17-20

Book Fair (5).jpg

Parents may purchase lunch in the cafeteria on the day they have lunch with their son. Please be prepared to pay with a check made payable to “Stuart Hall” in the amount of $6.40 (per person) as the cafeteria cannot accept cash. If you choose to bring in outside food for your son, please note that ONLY Middle School students are allowed to have fast food for lunch.

During the Book Fair, there is an opportunity to “Donate Books for Teachers’ Classrooms.” Teachers select books they “wish” to have for their classroom library and place them in a basket marked with their name. To participate, please select a book from the teacher’s basket, pay for it when you check out, and have your son give it to his teacher.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Staci Hall, Ana Konrad, & Jessica Waguespack
(Book Fair Co-Chairs).