Annual Giving Drive - Donate Today!

Why support Annual Giving? There are 343 reasons--our boys! 

Why support Annual Giving? There are 343 reasons--our boys! 

Parents should have received a letter from Board President Michael Hulefeld (David '20 and Thomas '22) and Headmaster Mr. Kevin Avin regarding the 2016-2017 Annual Giving Drive. Under the leadership of Ferdie and Ouida Laudumiey (Ferdie '17), Chairs, and Nicole and Michael Ciaccio (Christopher '16 and John Paul '18), Co-Chairs, we are grateful to the following fathers, who will serve as Class Captains this year:

  • PK3: Ryan Casteix and Jeffrey Pastorek
  • PK4: Eddy Hayes and Mark Holcomb
  • K: Beau Haynes and David Lee Simmons
  • 1st: André Mouledoux '93 and Jimmie Woods
  • 2nd: David Cusimano and David Courcelle
  • 3rd: Stephen Perrien and Blake Puneky
  • 4th: Truitt Balart and Ron Mills
  • 5th: Ed Eastlack and Paul Varisco
  • 6th: Ronald Guillory and Will Lo
  • 7th: George Jackson and Whit Wise

Janet Erskine Stuart, R.S.C.J., said, “The way to do much in a short time is to love much. People will do great things if they are stirred with enthusiasm and love.” With your enthusiasm and love for Stuart Hall School for Boys, together we are accomplishing great things.

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