Knights are Crowned 6th Grade NOAL BBALL Champs

In a rematch of last year's 5th grade NOAL Championship (which the Knights won in overtime), the Stuart Hall Knights and the Christian Brothers Falcons faced off for the 6th grade NOAL League Championship.

The Falcons came out strong and it seemed like everything was going wrong for the Knights. In the first half, three of the Knights starters had to come out of the game. Joshua Washington had blood on his undershirt from a cut lip. William Good picked up 3 fouls early in the first half. And Scout Hughes fell down hard on his face. Despite all of the trouble, the Knights managed to take a one point lead at half-time, 17-16.  During our half-time huddle, we talked about discipline, effort, and focus. The Knights responded and enforced their game plan with a very disciplined press that wore down the Falcons. The result was a 19-5 third quarter that pushed the Knights' lead to 36-21 heading into the fourth.quarter. The Knights slowed the game down in the fourth and ran the clock down each possession. Stuart Hall won 40-29 to claim the 6th grade NOAL Championship.

Jack Lo and Joshua Washington led the scoring with 12 and 11 points, respectively, but it was the heart and soul of everyone on the team that led to this victory. William Good and Nicholas Jacobs applied tremendous pressure the entire game. Scout Hughes was a warrior in the paint for the Knights. Washington dominated the paint for the Knights and once again displayed his well-rounded skill set. Lo did an awesome job running the point and setting up the offense for the Knights. William Lavie played well and made a key basket in the first half to maintain the lead for the Knights. Clifton LeBlanc, Austin Guillory, Grayson Gallinghouse, and Paul Collins have played awesome all season for the Knights.

Thanks to all the parents for supporting the team this year and for enabling me to be a small part in life/development of your boy.