3-peat: S/H Wins Academic Fair


Stuart Hall finished in First Place overall for the third consecutive year at Academy of Our Lady's Third Annual Academic Fair for Lower School! Thank you to Mrs. Nancy Dunphy for coaching our Knights.


  • First grade: Thompson Guider and Drew Kosarek (3rd place)
  • Second grade: Peter Balhoff (1st place) and August Sauska
  • Third grade: Grady Miles and Reed Ruggles
  • Fourth grade: Nate Baines


  • First grade: Miller Haynes and Caleb Puneky
  • Second grade: Mike Graugnard (3rd place) and Charlie Leche(1st place)
  • Third grade: Santiago Esola and Elliott Rice
  • Fourth grade: Charlie Benoit (1st place) and Cole Puneky

Reading Comprehension

  • First grade: Andrew Amoss (3rd place) and Jacques Meyer (1st place)
  • Second grade: William Redmann and Parker Skelly
  • Third grade: Thomas Hulefeld and Jack Maguire
  • Fourth grade: Aidan Hollard (1st place) and Spencer Waguespack


  • First grade: Robert Amoss (1st place) and Balian Nguyen (2nd place)
  • Second grade: André Mouledoux and Liam Van Vrancken
  • Third grade: Kahler Lyon and Ian Prat (3rd place)
  • Fourth grade: Christian Sauska (2nd place) and Harrison Turner