City League Chess Champs

This past Saturday and Sunday (March 10-11), The Stuart Hall Chess Team competed in the Final 4 Championship of Louisiana Scholastic ChessLeague's "City League" tournament. 

The K2 Knights swept the tournament and won 1st place with a perfect match score of 6-0 in qualifiers, and 6-0 score in the elimination rounds. This newer set of younger players is looking very strong.

On Sunday, our K4 Blue team also had a clean sweep of the entire tournament with an 8-0 score in qualifiers, and a perfect 6-0 score in elimination rounds for another 1st place City League Title. This is a great team of maturing players, who continue to improve their game and exemplify courage, resilience, and perseverance. Kudos to this magnificent and tough-to-beat squad of players.

Congratulations to our Chess Team and Coaches York and Pearson!