Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year, which includes substantially all fees, is set forth below:

  • PK3 (half-day): $12,500

  • PK3 (full-day): $14,025

  • PK4 and Kindergarten: $14,425

  • First through Seventh Grade: $14,975


  • New enrollments at any grade level are assessed a one-time admission fee of $350 during their first year of enrollment.

  • PK3 students advancing to PK4 are assessed a one-time testing fee of $300 to facilitate the required basic IQ test administered by an independent tester on our campus.

  • Stuart Hall has rolled all other fees into one single base tuition, including the building fee, student fee, trips, school supplies, books, security, technology, athletics and extracurricular costs.

Payment Options

The Stuart Hall School for Boys strives to keep tuition affordable to a diverse population of families, while attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty to our learning community, maintaining activities that will enrich and challenge young, curious minds, facilities maintenance and technological upgrades. In order to provide an outstanding educational experience for our boys with current tuition levels, the school assumes and expects that parents will actively take part in the lives of their sons at school and will participate in tax-deductible fundraisers such as the Annual Giving Drive. We thank you for your support of our tuition policy and for your dedication to our school.

There are two payment options available to all parents for tuition:

1) pay 60%, plus all fees, no later than June 30th and pay the remaining balance no later than December 15th, or

2) obtain tuition financing with First Bank & Trust to be paid over nine or ten months. Please note that Tuition Refund Insurance must be paid by June 30 for all tuition loans. For more information, click here.

Anyone who is unable to pay by the due dates indicated must obtain a tuition loan from First Bank & Trust. The school does not provide any in-house financing.

Tuition for the first semester (60% of tuition) will be due no later than June 30th. Any student with a delinquent balance (past due to the school or to First Bank & Trust) will not be allowed to attend school when classes resume in August. (We implore you to not place the school or your son in this position.)

The remainder of tuition (40%) will be invoiced prior to the second semester and will begin to incur late charges at a rate 250 basis points above the rate offered by First Bank & Trust if not paid by the due date. (The rate offered by First Bank & Trust is intended to provide a more favorable financing alternative.) The school will also collect late charges at this higher rate for any outstanding fees or other charges not paid within 30 days of invoicing, such as Extended Day and Cafeteria charges.

For a 2% fee, First Bank & Trust will accept credit card payments for Stuart Hall tuition and fees. The bank will charge two percent of the total credit card purchase. The school does not accept credit card payments directly.

To pay tuition and/or fees by bank draft, credit card, or to apply for a loan, click here.

Families utilizing the loan program through First Bank and Trust are required to purchase Tuition Refund Insurance.

Optional Tuition Refund Plan

Students are enrolled for the full academic year and no adjustments for tuition can be made by the School for absences, withdrawals or dismissals after June 1st of the preceding school year.  This policy is necessary to meet fixed financial obligations throughout the year, as the School has continuing expenses such as faculty salaries, debt payments and school maintenance costs.  Therefore, in the interest of parents, we are pleased to announce that we have made arrangements with Dewar to protect students under the Tuition Refund Plan.  We neither recommend nor discourage participation in the Plan.

Tuition refund insurance is being offered as a voluntary option for each family, and thus can be declined, except in the case of families utilizing tuition financing.  Parents obtaining loans must purchase Tuition Refund Insurance.  Premiums for the Tuition Refund Plan must be paid directly to Stuart Hall School in conjunction with first semester fees.  The Tuition Refund Plan will provide an allowance of tuition in the event of withdrawal for a broad range of reasons.  The Plan is fully described in the Tuition Refund Plan leaflet attached below. 

Please note that, with the exception of a covered medical reason, this coverage for withdrawals and dismissals does not become effective until the student has attended fourteen consecutive calendar days, commencing with the student's first class day of attendance in the academic year, and does not cover school closing.  The Plan becomes effective on August 1st only in the event of the student's inability to attend school due to a covered medical reason.

The cost is 1.8% of the annual tuition charges for the academic year.  The Tuition Refund Plan is offered as a means to insure your annual financial obligation under the terms of the Enrollment Contract.