Lower School: Grades 1-4

“The way to do much in a short time is to love much. People will do great things if they are stirred with enthusiasm and love.”
- Janet Erskine Stuart, R.S.C.J.

Creativity and intellectual curiosity are encouraged within a strong academic framework in the Lower School. All of the programs are enriched through specialization classes in art, library, music, physical education, computer, and French.

Core subjects

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First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Enrichment Classes

Physical education, art, computer, French, music, and library are offered to enhance the academic and personal development of the students.

  • Basic elements of art are taught through age appropriate art projects that also introduce as much art history as possible. Many different types of media are used in class, such as clay, paint, papier maché, pastels, and drawing.

  • Lower School physical education concentrates on fundamental sports skills such as passing a football and dribbling a basketball. Games of low organization allow for the practice of these skills in a game-like setting. Physical fitness is developed through working at fitness stations and participating in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. There is a fitness activity each class period to support sports skills. Individual fitness records are maintained and names of record-holders are prominently displayed.  

  • Stuart Hall is a technology-rich environment. There are data projectors, large screen monitors, and interactive whiteboards in every 1st through 4th grade classroom. A set of iPads can be found in every 1st and 2nd grade classroom; 3rd and 4th grade classrooms each have a complete set of Chromebooks specifically for their use. The boys also attend a formal computer class, where they learn keyboarding, navigating the internet, basic programming, computer history, digital photo and video editing, Lego Robotics, and web design.

  • The Music program offers a variety of opportunities to suit the talent and abilities of students of all ages. Lower school students begin to learn the basics of note reading and counting. They appply that knowledge to playing glockenspiels, xylophones and performing on hand bells. These exercises demonstrate the students' abilities to read musical rhythms, as well as recognize the notes they are playing. Throughout the entire music curriculum, students continue to sing and perform for First Fridays and special programs.

  • Library classes begin with PK3 and continue through our boys time here at Stuart Hall. Visiting authors on campus bring the book writing process to life for the students. The curriculum includes a portion of library class when the boys are read aloud to throughout their time at Stuart Hall.

  • Life Skills are taught PK4-7th Grade using the Second Step Program. The program has four core areas: empathy training, impulse control, anger management, and problem solving. Social Skill groups are offered to grades 1st-7th. The purpose of the groups is to increase student’s awareness of their strengths and life’s challenges. The school counselor works closely with the parents, teachers and administrators to assist all students to progress and prosper.

“It is part of your great vocation as teachers and parents to prepare children to be brave, accustom them to the dangers in life, train judgments, strengthen their wills, make them loyal to their conscience, and then, trusting in God’s grace, give the boys to their work and to life.”
- Mother Janet Erskine Stuart, R.S.C.J.